Friday, May 6, 2011

Working with the Boy Scouts

As a Lions Club we strive to do much in the preservation of sight. One way we do that is providing glasses to needy people in third world countries. As boy scouts look for eagle projects to do, the Pleasant Grove Lions Club has stepped up and provided a means where scouts can do an eagle project by gathering, cleaning, packaging and having glasses read so the Lions Club can see that these glasses go to really making a difference for good to those in the most need.

This is the story of 13 year old Harrison Ressler and the first Eagle Scout applicant in his troop. Harrison went around his neighborhood and collected 235 pair of glasses. He had put a box in his local library as another means to collect glasses. One family gave him 20 pair of difference sizes glasses that they had used over the years as there kids were growing up. This was a 40 hour project for Harrison. Below are pictures of him with the boxes of glasses and with his very supportive parents Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ressler.