Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dinner Meeting October 23, 2010

Once again we as a lions club met at our monthly dinner meeting and this month we had two three special guests.

Below is a picture of Angela Longboat. She shared her amazing story about her life and how she ended up becoming blind. Angela had acquired 8 advanced degrees by the time she was 20. She served in the CAI and Intelligent area of the military for a good number of years. Not only did she serve in the Viet Nam war but Desert Storm as well. It was in Desert Storm she was blown up and lost her sight and received brain damage. She shared with us her amazing recovery. She has a nice dog guide. Angela is a great example of faith and perseverance.

Bob Hansen is our 28T District Lions Club Governor. He shared with us some great advice about building Lionism in our area and about the districe convention coming up in November.

Head table: Lynn Seely President, his lovely wife Darlene, Pleasant Grove City Council woman Cindy Boyd and her husband Gary. Cindy brought us all up to date on what was happening in Pleasant Grove. We have so much appreciate her support of our club.
The pictures below are some of the club members who attended the meeting. We all had a very nice pop luck dinner.

Monday, August 9, 2010

2010 Heritage Day Breakfast

It is time to put on our calendars Saturday, September 11, 2010 8:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. This is the date of Pleasant Grove Heritage Days. As always the Pleasant Grove Lions club is putting on the breakfast at the city park, 200 South Main Street. This is a great way to start your Heritage Days celebration and help the Lions Club to make a difference in your community. Bring your glasses that are not needed any more and donate them to the Lions Club as we use them to help our brothers and sisters in third world countries.

Cost for the breakfast are as follows: $5 adults, $4 for children and those who will be running in the 5K race. We look forward to see you and your families at the Heritage Days breakfast. Should you have questions please call 801-785-2669.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July 31, 2010 Scholarship Report Dinner Meeting

It was a real pleasure to have our scholarship winners and girl and boy state winners at our meeting to share with us there experiences and plans for the future. We are greatful to support such programs that provide leadership and educational opportunities for our youth. This is a yearly program for our club.

If you would like a way to give back to your community we extend a welcome to come join with us and become a member of the largest service organization in the world.

Jennifer Lockhart - BYU Idaho
Check presented by past president Milt Taylor
Marina Peterson - BYU Provo
Check presented by past president Milt Taylor
Annie Lawrence - Girls State
Janessa Gray - Girls State
Justin Gajewski - Boys State

Friday, July 23, 2010

Stawberry Day photos - June 19, 2010

Here are some of the photos from our participation in the Strawberry Days parade:
Lorrie Jonas let us use her new van and Lorrie drove for us.

President Milt Taylor with scholarship winners

Secretary Jo Taylor was our resident clown

The Pleasant Grove Lions Club always enjoy celebrating with our great town of Pleasant Grove.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pleasant Grove and Cedar Hills Parades - June 2010

The Lions Club had the priviledge of participating in both parades and sharing with the parade going information about what our Lions Club does. As we become more visable in the community we are able to help make our community more aware of the positive influence Lionism has on communities where lions clubs exist.

Friday, May 28, 2010

May 15, 2010 – HOBY Program

Once again we as a lions club had the privilege of hearing from our Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership scholarship winners that we helped Sponsor. Because of the leadership that this program provides to selected youth from our local high school we feel it a privilege to assist in helping to provide scholarships to this great program. Jessie Black and Nathan Church expressed their appreciation for our help and talked about the value of program and the leadership skills they learned.
Bob Ross President of the Utah HOBY program shared with us how the program works. He presented us the 2009 (2010) forthcoming) patch acknowledging our service efforts with HOBY and appreciation for the assistance in the scholarships.. HOBY provided leadership training to over 90 high school students this year.

Pictures are below.
Jesie Black

Natan Church

Bob Ross presenting patch to Milton Taylor Pleasant Grove Lions Club President

Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Officers elected for 2010-2011 Lions Club Year. Board meeting Aril 3, 2010

Starting in July 2010 these new officers will lead the Pleasant Grove Lions Club to new eighths. Lynn Seely - President, Jo Mace -Vice President, Jo Taylor Secretary, Matt Mace - Treasurer, Anne Fisher - Membership Chairman, Darlene Seely - Tail Twister. As we have in the past we look forward to great things from the new officers. We thank Milt Taylor and his officers for their direction in the past two years.Installation ceremonies will be May 1st, 2010 at the board meeting.

March 20, 2010 Dinner Meeting - Humanitarian Award

Below is a picture of picture of Lynn Seely, presenting Deon Giles with a plaque as a Humanitarian Award Recipient for 2010. Deon Giles is the directore of Leisure Services in Pleasant Grove City. He was chosen because of his abilities to do many tasks and coordinate and direct many departments for the city. He has worked with the city since he was 14 years old doing different tasks. He also now works as a part time fireman with Pleasant Grove City. Deon is very easy to work with and goes the extra mile to make sure everything functioning and operating well. He has been a great help to the Lions Club making improvements on their building as well as coordinating plans for their Heritage Day Breakfast in September.

February 20th, 2010 Lions Club Dinner Meeting.

Les and Nancy Southam spoke to us at our Lions Club Meeting and dinner. They shared with us about their mission to Africa. They brought items that they had accumulated while there. They also came in the dress of the day in the area they were in. Following are some of their items. Their presentation was most interesting and enlightening. We are grateful as lions to understand how how is around the world and it helps us understand more clearly how lionism can make a difference around the world.

Monday, February 22, 2010

January 16th Dinner Meeting

The Pleasant Grove Lions Club held our annual meeting with our District Governor Willis Gurr and his lovely wife Shirley He shared with a message of inspiration and the importance being involved in lionism.
We were blessed with 4 new members this month.
Cleo and Dick Unsicker (Retired)
Dick used to make teeth and also he and Cleo have been on humanitarian efforts in Africa and Russia.
Matt and Jo Mace
We so pleased to have these 4 wonderful people join the club. We look forward to having them share their talents with us. Matt oversees the Census Bureau and Jo runs a travel company.

President Milt Taylor presented Russ Aldridge his 25 year Chevron for 25 years of service as a member of Lions International.
Our club is continuing to make a difference in our community and help presrrve sight.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Food Basket Project - December 19, 2009

Every year during the Christmas season the Lions Club prepare food backets for folks in need. Included in each basket is a ham. The folks that get the baskets are so appreciative and we joy in making Christmas a little more pleasant for those who are in need. Below are some of the pictures of those involved in this wonderful service project.

Thanksgiving Social - November 21, 2009

We had our annual Thanksgiving Social at the club house on 600 E Center in Pleasant Grove, Utah. 71 years this club has been around. We are so glad to have a facility to help us carry on the work of Lions. Bob Lloyd catered the dinner and Mike Cottom presented a wonderful, wonderful program. He had magic show, a segment on building leadership and finally he entertained us by playing. Vibraphone. He has such a superb presentation. Everyone ought to have at least one change to see his presentation. He encouraged us to do even better as lions.

Bob Lloyd catered our dutch oven dinner. He has helped us on other occasions as well such as Heritage Days, etc. We presented him a gift of items he can use in his meal preparations.

Mike did a number of things with a dollar bill including pulling it out of an orange that had appeared to have been burned up. We finally knew it was the same bill as the serial number was the same.
Here Mike is reading us a story called "The Dog Poop Initiative". The story is really about taking responsibility for change and the initiative to make things happen for the betterment of all.
Finally Mike entertained us on the Vibraphone. He explained how it was different than the Xylophone.

This was such an enjoyable time for all. So not only do Lions to a great deal of service but we also take time out to socialize and learn at the same time.