Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Officers elected for 2010-2011 Lions Club Year. Board meeting Aril 3, 2010

Starting in July 2010 these new officers will lead the Pleasant Grove Lions Club to new eighths. Lynn Seely - President, Jo Mace -Vice President, Jo Taylor Secretary, Matt Mace - Treasurer, Anne Fisher - Membership Chairman, Darlene Seely - Tail Twister. As we have in the past we look forward to great things from the new officers. We thank Milt Taylor and his officers for their direction in the past two years.Installation ceremonies will be May 1st, 2010 at the board meeting.

March 20, 2010 Dinner Meeting - Humanitarian Award

Below is a picture of picture of Lynn Seely, presenting Deon Giles with a plaque as a Humanitarian Award Recipient for 2010. Deon Giles is the directore of Leisure Services in Pleasant Grove City. He was chosen because of his abilities to do many tasks and coordinate and direct many departments for the city. He has worked with the city since he was 14 years old doing different tasks. He also now works as a part time fireman with Pleasant Grove City. Deon is very easy to work with and goes the extra mile to make sure everything functioning and operating well. He has been a great help to the Lions Club making improvements on their building as well as coordinating plans for their Heritage Day Breakfast in September.

February 20th, 2010 Lions Club Dinner Meeting.

Les and Nancy Southam spoke to us at our Lions Club Meeting and dinner. They shared with us about their mission to Africa. They brought items that they had accumulated while there. They also came in the dress of the day in the area they were in. Following are some of their items. Their presentation was most interesting and enlightening. We are grateful as lions to understand how how is around the world and it helps us understand more clearly how lionism can make a difference around the world.