Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 18, 2012 - District Governor's Visit

Sometime during the year our Lions Club has the 28T District Governor come visit our club.  District Governor Marty Sherman and his lovely wife Pat honored our club.  He spoke about having the Lion Tail magazine sent by email and saving about $500 in mailing costs.  We were encouraged to get at least one new member.  He presented President Lynn Seely with his governor’s pin.
Milt Taylor past president presented to Governor Marty Sherman and President Lynn Seely a lion’s pin from the Salt Lake City (oldest club in Utah) Lions Club.  They are in district 28U.  The lion’s pen represented 90 years of the Salt Lake City club’s existence. 
One of the fun things that lion members do is collect pins from other clubs and people.  This helps lions remember where they have been and who they had the chance to meet.  You might say this helps connect this global club and recognize the great service rendered.

Thinks goes out to Anne Fisher for arranging for a wonderful dinner catered by Smoking Apple.  Anne works hard to help the club run smoothly.
We as a club are always open to having new people become a part of our club and have a willingness to help our community become a better place to live. 
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January 2012 - Annual Eye Screening of pre-schoolers

Each year the Pleasant Grove Lions Club does eye screening of pre-school children.  Again they year we were at the Pleasant Grove Recreation Center.
We did 264 children this year.  Wal-Mart in Linden is where we have the pictures read.  Out of the 264 read there where 12 children that needed further referrals.  This program can really make a significant difference for children requiring further examination. 
Sometimes the scanning process is really challenging as a mass production with other children waiting or bouncing off the wall.  The teachers really had a dual duty trying to help the children sit still while waiting and then bringing them up to have their eyes tested.   The project ran smoothly considering the nature of the project. 
Darlene and Jo from the Lions Club and the teachers did a super job and performed a great service.  The project this year spanned a portion of three days.  A big roar for Darlene and Jo.