Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Business Meeting - June 5, 2014

Beyond the scope of regular business like parade planning for the Pleasant Grove and American Fork parades, the talent show on June 19th and the Promenade in Pleasant Grove we honored two people. 

We presented another educational scholarship to Michaela Tanne.  This is our third educational scholarship this year.  Michaela is a great singer and will peruse her music interests at BYU.  

Michaela Tanne

Prews. Lorrie Jonas & Jo Taylor

Jo Taylor club secretary was given a presidential appreciation certification and associated lion pin.  Jo has served since July 2008.  She has been secretary for 6 years and did not run this year so she could assist her husband in his district responsibilities. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 22, 2014 Pleasant Grove Lions Club Award Dinner

The Pleasant Grove Lions Club enjoyed a nice Lasagna dinner as we honored scholarship winners, presented the 2014 club humanitarian award and the club president’s appreciation awards.

Our college bound scholarship winners were Jacob Baird and Talina Morris.  Richard L. Unsicker received the 2014 Pleasant Grove Lions Club Humanitarian award for his outstanding service in third world countries by providing dentures.  Darleen Seely and Terra Gaylord received Club President (Lorrie Jonas) Appreciation Awards. 

Both of our scholarship winners has had a life of service and been involved of helping others.  They have achieved scholastic goals as well.  We are proud to have been able to present them with educational scholarships to assist in their educational pursuits.

Mother, Jacob Baird & Pres. Jonas
Jacob Baird

Talina Morris

Father, Talina Morris & Pres. Jonas

Richard L. Unsicker has been involved with Lions and humanitarian service whether here locally or abroad.  Some of the countries he has been to in doing humanitarian service at his own expense are: Ecuador, Belarus, Morocco and Dominican Republic.  He also has served the Navaho Nation.  He has provided so many dentures to people who otherwise could not afford them.  Richard travels several times a year and has so blessed the lives of many.

Pres. Jonas & Richard L. Unsicker, 2014 Humanitarion Award

Collectables from Humanitarian trips
President Lorrie Jonas presented appreciation awards for service to the Pleasant Grove Lions Club and for mentoring and assisting her as president.  Congratulations to Darleen Seely and Terry Gaylord.
Darlene Seely & Pres. Jonas

Pres. Jonas & Terra Gaylor

Friday, March 28, 2014

District Governor & Cabinet Visit & Elections, March 27, 2014

 The P. G. Lions Club had a fun and delightful evening and dinner at the Pizza Pie CafĂ© in Orem, Utah.  We had the pleasure of our District Cabinet visiting us.  Members of the cabinet present were Beverly Thomas District Governor, Craig Rasmussen 1st Vice District Governor, Milt Taylor 2nd Vice District Governor and Lorraine Douglas Secretary/Treasurer.  We are so glad that they were with us and for their support.

Lorraine, Sherry and Craig
  In addition we had the privilege of installing Sherry Hopkinson as a brand new member of our club.  Craig Rasmussen 1st Vice District Governor performed the installation ceremony.  Lorraine Douglas was Sherry’s sponsor. Welcome Sherry!

Finally we had elections.  Lorie Jonas as Finally President, Helga Whaley 1st Vice President, Stephanie Vicars-Robinson, Sherry Hopkinson Secretary and Lorraine Douglas as Treasurer.

Lorie, Stephanie, Lorraine and Sherry
 We welcome all of you that live in Utah County to consider joining with our Lions Club which is a club in the largest global service organization in the world with 1,375 million members in over 46,000 clubs in 208 counties.  Our motto is WE SERVE and we empower volunteers to provide humanitarian service in our community and around the world.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Glasses for Aailyah - January 2014

This is Aaliyah. She is 19 months old. She has never worn glasses before. She has multiple health issues including a cornea disease. The family has Medicaid but even with that, her glasses were more than the family could afford due to her very high Rx. But thanks to the Pleasant Grove Lions Club and the Provo Towne Center Lenscrafters she was able to get her very much needed glasses in an hour.

 Aaliyah was crying and a bit cranky when her family came in to pick up the glasses. When they placed the glasses on her she instantly stopped crying and looked around in wonder. A few adjustments and recommendations were made and the family left. The next day I received a text message from her mother thanking me for the glasses. She said Aaliyah had not even tried to take them off once and that if anyone else tried to, she would cry! They were very thankful for the lions club help.

Onsight Vision Van

OneSight Vision Van will be making its annual stop here in Utah, March 11-13th. All three days will be in Salt Lake City. March 11-12th will be at Lincoln elementary 1090 South Roberts Street. March 13th will be at Jackson Elementary 750 west 200 north. We will be seeing 80-90 kids per day. Eye exams and free glasses will be made on site for these school aged children. All the kids have been prescreened and will have appointments.

We will need volunteers to help with the vision screening process and activities with the children while they wait. Volunteers will need to be there by 8:00am for training. We typically are there until 5:00pm. We ask the shifts are full days but if someone can only work part day, we will do 8-1 or 1-5 shifts.

If any of the Utah Lions Clubs would like to participate you can contact: Stephanie Vicars-Robinson at 801-897-0114 or stephyinslc@yahoo.com  

Eye Care Chairman
Pleasant Grove Lions Club