Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Social - November 21, 2009

We had our annual Thanksgiving Social at the club house on 600 E Center in Pleasant Grove, Utah. 71 years this club has been around. We are so glad to have a facility to help us carry on the work of Lions. Bob Lloyd catered the dinner and Mike Cottom presented a wonderful, wonderful program. He had magic show, a segment on building leadership and finally he entertained us by playing. Vibraphone. He has such a superb presentation. Everyone ought to have at least one change to see his presentation. He encouraged us to do even better as lions.

Bob Lloyd catered our dutch oven dinner. He has helped us on other occasions as well such as Heritage Days, etc. We presented him a gift of items he can use in his meal preparations.

Mike did a number of things with a dollar bill including pulling it out of an orange that had appeared to have been burned up. We finally knew it was the same bill as the serial number was the same.
Here Mike is reading us a story called "The Dog Poop Initiative". The story is really about taking responsibility for change and the initiative to make things happen for the betterment of all.
Finally Mike entertained us on the Vibraphone. He explained how it was different than the Xylophone.

This was such an enjoyable time for all. So not only do Lions to a great deal of service but we also take time out to socialize and learn at the same time.