Friday, May 27, 2011


Once yearly we as the Pleasant Grove Lions Club honor our HOBY scholarship youth leaders. This year we assisted Ernesto Terreros and McKinsey Veenker. They reported about their expreiences and what they learned most from the HOBY experience. They shared their plans for the future as well. We are grateful for the support of their parents. That means a great deal.

Bob Ross HOBY Leadership chairman and Dave Olpin President of Utah HOBY expressed their appreciation for the Lions Club support. They shared with us insightful information about the HOBY program. HOBY stands for the Hugh O'Brian Youth program. This program teaches leadership skills to our youth.

For those of you whose may not know Hugh O'Brian was the movie actor Wyatt Earp. He was also a great example and a man with 8 docterate degrees.

The Pleasant Grove Lions Club is pleased to be a partner in helping youth participate in the HOBY leadership program.



Bob Ross - Chairman Utah HOBY Dave Olpin - President of Utah HOBY