Friday, October 18, 2013

Jubilee Days in Pleasant Grove September 14, 2013

Each year during the second weekend the Pleasant Grove Lions Club participates in Pleasant Grove’s annual festival now called Jubilee Days.  This is a way to let everyone about the lions club and what we do.  This our fund raiser to help in such efforts as providing glasses to those in need and leadership and educational scholarships to high school and college bound students.  The lions club built its own building located on 600 E. Center in Pleasant Grove and the pavilion in the park on Main Street and 2nd South.  The lions club is celebrating its 75th year.

As you see from the pictures below we are making scones.  This year we added jubilee sauce and whipped cream.  We received many compliments and are grateful to help make Jubilee Days a great event that folks will want to come again next year.  This was a fun time for all.  

Come join us and you can have serving others and feel joy it makes as you help change people's lives for the better.

Anne Fisher & Milt Taylor - Greeters, taking money and providing information and educational materials
Terra Gaylord, Milt Taylor, Jo Taylor & Lorrie Jonas

Scott (the cook), Darlene, Lorrie & Milt