Thursday, August 15, 2013

Steel Days Parade - July 20, 2013

Steel Day Parade in American Fork, Utah was the fourth parade this year that our Lions Club had the privildge of participating in.  This gives us an opportunity to let people know there is a lions club and what we do.

We have a good club and every little bit that someone gives helps a great deal.    The three pictures below are the different view of Lorraine's Car.   We had the little green eye collection boxes on top of the car that drew a lot of attention.      The lion puppet that roared and waved also drew a lot of attention.   We had one two-year old that ran right up to the car.   Her mother couldn't catch her soon enough.   Lorrie was able to yell baby coming, so Lorraine could stop.  The mother lifted the little toddler up so she could shake the lions hand.   The little one. wasn't about to let the lion's paw go.   We had a receptive crowd.   The announcers did a good job introducing us telling about our seventy-five years  of service and the things we do.