Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 11, 2011 - Neph Lions host Veteran's Day Celebration

Lion President Lynn Seely, his wife Darline and retired Colonel Angela Longboat were invited to attend the Nephi Lions Club Veteran's Day celebration.

Retired Colonel Angela Longboat, member of the Pleasant Grove Lions Club spoke at the annual Nephi Veterans commemoration.

She spoke to three groups: 9:30, 12:30, 5 p.m. After each session attendees witnessed American flags being retired.

Colonel Longboat talked about honoring those all those who served in the military in any capacity. Every service man or woman made it possible for us to be in our country and say "The Pledge of Allegiance". Remember all of the wars and conflicts, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, The Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan. There are some forgotten wars such as Granada and Kosovo. She noted our struggles can be considered blessings if we look at them with a positive attitude. Colonel Longboat lost her vision when blown up in Iraq. Her blindness allows her to see every individual as beautiful and handsome. She also mentioned how her service dog "Faith" has helped her. She shared with the children how Faith acted when working with her harness and how she acted like a normal dog without her harness.

We in the Pleasant Grove Club so much appreciate the example of retired Colonel Angela Longboat and the service she has rendered to our great country.