Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Food Baskets Project, December 18th, 2010

Every December we as a Lions Club and friend get together and prepare Christmas Food Baskets for families who are in need. The feelings of love, gratitude and making a difference filled our hearts. We felt that instead of having our own Christmas dinner and program that we would direct our efforts to helping others be a little more cheery. Folks that receive the baskets are most grateful and the spirit of Christmas is felt by all.

We started at 11 am at the club house. There were many hands and a good amount of a good variety of food items. Macey's grocery store donated 35 hams for the project. 35 Christmas food baskets were packed to overflowing with food. The food was donated my members of the lions clue and a family who wanted to buy food rather than buying gifts. What a learning experience for the children of that family.

Six long tables were set up so the food baskets could be filled in an assembly line fashion. At the end of the assembly line baskets were tagged with delivery and contact information. At the end of the assembly line a greeting letter from the Pleasant Grove Lions Club. Baskets were delivered to families in Orem, Pleasant Grove and American Fork.

We as a Lions Club are so grateful for and acknowledge our friends who helped make a big difference in our project. Below are some pictures of some of those involved. Names on the pictures have not been included for annonymity purposes.

We welcome any one that wants to make a difference, the Lions Club is a great way to do that. Please give us a call.