Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feburary 21st Dinner Meeting

As always we have a fine time at our dinner meetings. We had the pleasure of having Natalie and James Thompson speak to us.

Natalie received new glasses via of our Lions Club and she shared with us her special experience in getting the glasses and the difference it has and is making in her life. She was very impressed with the optometrist we use. The first picture is Natalie speaking to us about her getting her glasses and the real difference it has made for her. The second picture is Natalie sharing with us the family history she has done on the family line of her native American Husband James.

James is a full blooded Dakota Sue Indian. He shared with us stories of his wonderful heritage and some life changing stories. He had a chart of some of his family history plus artifacts that he shared with us and we were able to see and handle.

This was a great evening. We not only gained valuable insight of the heritage we have in America, we also were reminded of the difference the Pleasant Grove Lions Club makes in regards to our sight saving programs.

We are looking forward to a couple of humanitarian projects in the next couple of months.